Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Danielle + Mirl: the Wedding (Outtakes)

Usually, when posting the blogs I pick a few of my favorites out of the bunch. Danielle and Mirl are such a dynamic couple that I had many favorites to choose from. While looking through them, I noticed a few unusual details that kept me laughing each time I looked at the photo. You'll see what I mean, so I've posted a few of the funny outtakes.

The wedding was small ceremony at Vintage Villas on July 18, 2009. I couldn't have asked for better clouds that day, and I love shooting at the Villas. Mirl will be the first to tell you what a lucky man he is. His bride, Danielle, looked stunning. Mirl was also the perfect gentleman of the evening. I enjoyed the opportunity of working with such a sophisticated couple. Great couple, great photos!

Enjoy the outtakes or view the full slideshow, password: 'Hamilton Wedding'

Out of the photo! This is Number 9 photographer, Kim, blocking my shot.

I'm not sure what this guy was still looking at. The bride's already down the aisle.

I thought this looked like a bird crashing the wedding or just coming out of Mirl's head.

The officiant looked like the third wheel in this picture.

Lastly, Kim and I both laughed when Danielle dodged Mirl's kiss during their couple photos. The next shot she was ready for the KISS.

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