Friday, April 17, 2009

Danielle & Mirl: Engagements

Danielle & Mirl are my St. Ed's couple. To better sum it up, they are the couple who can put St. Ed's, Skittles, sugar cookies, milk, and Christmas all in the same story for you. The idea of this engagement shoot started out with Mirl wanting to shoot on the baseball field. Since the gates were locked we had improvised around the Lucian-Hamilton Field. Then, on our way to S. Congress, I asked if they would let me try some shots at the carnival off of Ben White. They were pretty cool about it, and I thank both of them for for holding the balloons effortlessly in the crazy wind that day. I think the wind blew dirt in my mouth at least a handful of times.

For the South Congress shots, I ducked down on the street in the turning lane afraid to look back at what cars are behind me. I, then, look ahead to Danielle & Mirl, and I see this car swerved really close to them. Mirl later said the guy was making a funny comment to them as he swung by. In the end, I proud to say that no photographers or couples were hurt during the making of these photographs.

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