Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Award from Wedding Wire

Thank you to all the brides that reviewed us on Wedding Wire. We can't say enough about the great reviews and feedback. We love what we do and thank you for allowing us to be along side you on your wedding day. We promise to live up to this award and more in 2010.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Number 9: Best Weddings of 2009

We hope everyone is having a happy new year so far. The end of the year has left us reflecting on what a great year we had at Number 9. During 2009, we had the pleasure of witnessing 34 couples tie the knot. Our 'Best of 2009' is our tribute to all the love and creativity that went into their weddings. We've listed our picks for each category and then listed our second choice or honorable mention (HM).

We wish you all the best of luck in 2010. Looking ahead, we're excited to see what weddings will make our list next year. We hope the 2009 brides inspire those planning for 2010. Here's our nod to a great year in weddings.

Shortest Road to Marriage: 7 months (Kasey & Michael Schuetz)
HM: 8 months (Alonda & Xavier Cepeda)

Favorite Engagement Session: Wendy Cole & Chase Hoffman (Alamo Drafthouse/Pots & Plants)
HM: Danielle & Mirl (S.Austin)

Favorite Bridal/Groom Session: Darcie Breeden (S. Austin)
HM: Clint Oller (Shoreline Grill)

Most Notable Dress: Chrissy Bevill
HM: Angela Watford

Best Color Combo: Blue/Red/Pink (Ballard Wedding)
HM: Grey/Orange (Payne Wedding )

Best Hair: Jennifer Payne
HM: Kasey Schuetz

Best Makeup: Angela Briggs
HM: Alonda Cepeda

Best Shoes: Danielle Hamilton
HM: Amanda Lang

Best Bridesmaid Dresses: Green Variations (Pecorino Wedding)
HM: J. Crew Fuschia Halter Dresses ( Black Wedding)

Best Groomsmen Wear: Chris Bevill's Brown & Cream combo
HM: Charles Luster’s white suit/colored tie

Best MOB/MOG dress: Luciana’s Mother (Wynne Wedding)
HM: Lindsey's Mother (Rangel Wedding)

Memorable Bridal Detail: Melissa Pecorino’s “Love Is All You Need” Bracelet
HM: Katie Harmon’s grandmother’s hankerchief tied onto her bouquet

Best Ring (Photo): Cook Wedding
HM: Hamilton Wedding

Best Bouquet/Flowers: Mercedes Cook
HM: Lang Wedding

Best Wedding Favors: personalized rocks (Rademacher Wedding)
HM: wedding leis (Lang Wedding)

Best Trend: Brides w/their dogs
HM: bird/nature themes

Best Wedding Theme: Paintball Wedding (Faith & Tim Turnipseed)
HM: Kill Bill (Oller Wedding)

Original Detail: Rock & Roll Reception Details (Oller Wedding)
HM: Message Tree (Fuentez Wedding)

Best Ceremony Venue: Winfield Inn (Breeden Wedding, Belvill Wedding)
HM: Villa Antonia (Falkenburg Wedding, Watford Wedding)

Best Entrance: Horse-drawn Carriage (Shelley Pridgen)
HM: Kill Bill theme song (Nikki Oller)

Best New Last Name: Turnipseed (Faith Burton to Faith Turnipseed)

Best Person of Honor: Morgan Oller (Bridesmaid @ Oller Wedding)
HM: Shelley’s MOH (Pridgen Wedding)

Most Unique Ceremony/Vows: Bob Dylan’s Wedding Song (Pecorino Wedding)
HM: Michael's vow to love Angela more than videogames (Briggs Wedding)

Best Heritage Nod: Scottish Bag Piper (Deborah & Steve Smith)
HM: Mexican Wedding Dance-"La Vibora" aka the Snake(Fuentez Wedding)

Best Non-Dry Eye: Melissa Rutledge (MOB @ Breeden Wedding)
HM: Clark McKay (Best Man to Bride @ Black Wedding)

Best ‘Seal-of-the-Deal’: Chris Bevill’s fumbled vows
HM: Cyndi & Eddie Carbajal high-fiving prior to the kiss

Best Bridal Party Photo: Pridgen Wedding (by the trees)
HM: Wynne Wedding (on the stairs)

Best Groomsmen Photo: Bevill Wedding
HM: Falkenburg Wedding (Groomsmen holding Ashley)

Best Wedding Party Photo: Abbey Road Walk (Pecorino Wedding)
HM: Hanger Hotel Run (Lang Wedding)

Best Couple Photo: Amanda & Rick Lang
HM: Megan & Danny Perez

Best Original Family Photo: Bevill Family Portrait
HM: Destiney Spears female generation photo

Best Buffet/Dinner: PokeJo’s/Amy’s Ice Cream (Turnipseed Wedding)
HM: Gourmet Brisket (Carbajal Wedding)

Best Cake in the Face: Leanne Ballard
HM: Destiney Spears

Best Cake (Taste): Watford bride’s cake
HM: Carbajal cupcakes

Best Cake (Design): Payne Wedding
HM: Fuentez 6-tier cake

Best Groom’s Cake: Brody's "Death Star" Cake (Black Wedding)
HM: Daniel's "Shotgun Shell" Cake (Ballard Wedding)

Best Cake Topper: Erin & Brad Gist (Erin’s grandmother original topper)
HM: Cyndi & Eddie Carbajal’s chess pieces

Best Entry Table: Angela's Published Poem/Guest Photo Sign-In Book
HM: Darcie & Eddie's Baseball Sign-In

Best Reception Site: Airport Diner (Lang Wedding)
HM: Wild Onion Ranch (Black Wedding)

Best Tradition: Reyes Family Tejano Band- Los Regionales del Valle
HM: Cook Irish Promenade

Best Toast: The 'Two Wolves in One Pack' Speech (Fuentez Wedding)
HM: 'Jarrod with the Man-kini chest hair" speech (Murdock Wedding)

Best Dance: Blues Brother Dance w/ Austin & Dad (Rademacher Wedding)
HM: Kazuki Konno’s breakdance (Konno Wedding)

Best Music: DJ mix of R&B, Motown, HipHop Standards, - (Briggs Wedding)
HM: Live Cover Band (Perez Wedding)

Best Photo Slideshow: Kazuki dressed as a geisha girl (Konno Wedding)
HM: Daniel's Star Wars/Renaissance pics (Soza Wedding)

Best Guest Entertainment: Zip Line/Ropes Course/Paintball (Turnipseed Wedding)
HM: ‘You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling’ Karaoke group (Falkenburg Wedding)

Biggest Partiers: Payne Wedding
HM: Hamilton Wedding

Best Mishap: Bouquet Tossed into Chandelier (Briggs Wedding)
HM: Fireworks Gone Wrong (Schuetz Wedding)

Best Wedding Dress Abuse: Darcie & Bridesmaid's pool jump (Breeden Wedding)
HM: Faith Pool Jump (Turnipseed Wedding)

Best Exit: Pedicab (Pecorino Wedding)
HM: '57 Cadillac Convertable (Payne Wedding)