Friday, August 28, 2009

Engagements: Brittany Barton + Brad Neff

No, it's not a mistake.....Brittany and Brad had a reshoot session. Anyone who follows the blog might remember that I shot this couple's engagements back in June. I'm not embarassed to say that my style didn't quite fit their style. They asked for a very natural-looking shoot. I guess I gave them took much nature.

Kim was nice enough to take on this reshoot even though it was her first engagement shoot. They met up at the Austin Mural for a redo. Then, moved to the Botanical Gardens to the old school house and barn. For all brides following the blog, this is why we are a group of photographers. No two photographers are made alike. It's ok to prefer one photographer over another. Here's a sample of Kim's take on the Neff Engagements.

Password 'Neff Engage'

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Amanda Little : Bridals

Kim started taking on her own shoots last month. Thank you to Amanda for giving Kim her first bridal session. Originally, Amanda came to me with some great ideas about shooting against both a brick and graffiti wall. She also wanted to showcase off her vintage-inspired heels. Kim scouted the locations and pieced it all together. Funny fact is that Amanda purchased the dress and shoes a few years ago simply because she liked them.

The entire session was shot on South Congress from the graffiti walls at Home Slice to the Presbryterian church further up. We have featured one one of this session's pictures on some of our promo items that Number 9 members should see in the mail soon.

Check out the full session, under proofs, password: Little Bridals

If you like what you see, leave Kim some comments of encouragement below. Amanda Little and Rick Lang will marry on September 5, 2009.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Engagements: Steve Cook + Mercedes Reed

So, I'm in a blogging kind of mood today. I know I promised more weddings, but I wanted to post Steve and Mercedes engagements instead. This session took me back to Mayfield Park, a place I haven't shot at since my bridal session with Michaela Brown almost a year ago.

Steve said they chose the place, because he used visit Mayfield when he was younger. Peacocks were scarce, but we managed to stalk one until we got a good snap shot. This visit, I wanted to make use of the great rock wall that surrounds the place. The killer shot for me was the one where they are laying in the street. I think we were all nervous on that one, but Steve was on car-watch.

Who can guess what 60's band that shot pays homage too? Also, the shot with the thumb is a tribute to a Beatles couple? Anyone?

View the full session, password: 'Cook Engage'

New Preferred Vendor-Bittersweet

Last night, Kim and I attended the Knot network event held at AMOA-Laguna Gloria. I had a chance to reunite with the folks of Forever Photography and meet one of their newest members, Rose Lindo. With the push of Forever, Rose recently launched her own graphic design business and is looking for new clients.

For those of you still in the planning stages of your wedding, I encourage you to check out her clean, creative designs. I was very impressed with the invitation designs and the baby announcements. If anything, check out her site and let her know what you think. A new business owner can use all the feedback she can get.

NUMBER 9 welcomes Bittersweet!