Friday, July 26, 2013

Zilker Park Engagement Session: Kaylan + Alex

Part Two of  catching up with the blog is sharing some of the engagement sessions from the first half of the year. Sometimes I feel like the session is a private gift meant only for the couple to share, and then other times I want to share a session with the world (this blog).

What I love about this session is it's simplicity.  Kaylan and Alex DID do outfit changes and DID bring props, but what makes this session unique is that they used pets and props to show me their personalities. In return, they got to know my personality too. Most memorable...Kaylan made me my first s'more and gave me my first bunny shoot!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Birth Day, Elli!

Lately, I've had to take a break from posting. After a few weeks of a personal break, I'm back and what better way to come back than to introduce a new person, Elliana Joesphine.

Better known as Elli...she came into this world just 7 days ago. I feel lucky to have witnessed her first day, and her first meeting with her sisters, twins Rylie & Kaylie and Addison.