Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ashley Haugh: Bridal Session

Today's a two for one day at Number 9. First Adrian, now Kim...I'm so excited to show off Kimberly's work with Ashley during their bridal session last week. The original session got them rained out of Laguna last week, but they rescheduled and worked around the weather. I think the two made a great pair. Ashley said that she wanted some greenery shots, and since Kim has a love for nature, the combination worked perfectly.

Ashley Haugh will marry Brandon Falkenburg on Oct. 9 with ceremony and reception at Villa Antonia in Lago Vista, TX.

Leeanne + Daniel Ballard: Texas Old Town Wedding

Leeanne Kinney and Daniel Ballard were married this past Saturday on Sept. 19 in Kyle, TX at Texas Old Town. Adrian Zamora photographed this solo gig, and did an amazing job getting great pics. The wedding was a intimate country wedding with lots of hugs, dancing and even a cake fight. Adrian described the feel as old Texas meets a fairytale. Let him know what you think. We love the feedback.

"I had a fantastic time shooting with Adrian. He got some amazing shots, and he was very good at taking every photo opportunity that he could. I can't wait to see the pictures, and again, thank you." -Leeanne Kinney

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Number 9 has joined Facebook!

If you're following our blog, you can now check us out on Facebook. We just launched today, so the photo albums will be building over the next week. Show your support and become a fan.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary, Terri & Nathan !

This a bit belated, but I couldn't forget to post this. Terri & Nathan were Number 9's first official couple last year. They just celebrated their one year anniversary on August 25th with a night out to dinner. They kept things kind of quite, because Terri can't go many places these days. She is pregnant and due any day now. I will see Terri and Nathan again in October when I take their new baby's pictures. So, here's to Terri and Nathan!

Megan Schoppe: Bridals

A few weeks ago, Megan and her mom met me out at Palmer Events Park to shoot Megan's bridals. The day was scorching hot. We were all dripping in sweat (I never drink enough water before a shoot). I'm happy to say the final product was well worth our sweat. The dress had a vintage-lace look and was very flattering yet easy for her to move in. I was impressed with the ease of the dress.

Megan is a real classy lady, and I'm glad her poise and silliness came out in this shoot. My personal favorite is her jumping in the grass. Her only request was to have some shots by the water. I like how it looks like she's going to jump in. Megan will marry Danny Perez on Sept. 26.

Full slideshow, under proofs, password: Schoppe Bridals

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Danielle + Mirl: the Wedding (Outtakes)

Usually, when posting the blogs I pick a few of my favorites out of the bunch. Danielle and Mirl are such a dynamic couple that I had many favorites to choose from. While looking through them, I noticed a few unusual details that kept me laughing each time I looked at the photo. You'll see what I mean, so I've posted a few of the funny outtakes.

The wedding was small ceremony at Vintage Villas on July 18, 2009. I couldn't have asked for better clouds that day, and I love shooting at the Villas. Mirl will be the first to tell you what a lucky man he is. His bride, Danielle, looked stunning. Mirl was also the perfect gentleman of the evening. I enjoyed the opportunity of working with such a sophisticated couple. Great couple, great photos!

Enjoy the outtakes or view the full slideshow, password: 'Hamilton Wedding'

Out of the photo! This is Number 9 photographer, Kim, blocking my shot.

I'm not sure what this guy was still looking at. The bride's already down the aisle.

I thought this looked like a bird crashing the wedding or just coming out of Mirl's head.

The officiant looked like the third wheel in this picture.

Lastly, Kim and I both laughed when Danielle dodged Mirl's kiss during their couple photos. The next shot she was ready for the KISS.