Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Megan Schoppe: Bridals

A few weeks ago, Megan and her mom met me out at Palmer Events Park to shoot Megan's bridals. The day was scorching hot. We were all dripping in sweat (I never drink enough water before a shoot). I'm happy to say the final product was well worth our sweat. The dress had a vintage-lace look and was very flattering yet easy for her to move in. I was impressed with the ease of the dress.

Megan is a real classy lady, and I'm glad her poise and silliness came out in this shoot. My personal favorite is her jumping in the grass. Her only request was to have some shots by the water. I like how it looks like she's going to jump in. Megan will marry Danny Perez on Sept. 26.

Full slideshow, under proofs, password: Schoppe Bridals

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