Friday, August 28, 2009

Engagements: Brittany Barton + Brad Neff

No, it's not a mistake.....Brittany and Brad had a reshoot session. Anyone who follows the blog might remember that I shot this couple's engagements back in June. I'm not embarassed to say that my style didn't quite fit their style. They asked for a very natural-looking shoot. I guess I gave them took much nature.

Kim was nice enough to take on this reshoot even though it was her first engagement shoot. They met up at the Austin Mural for a redo. Then, moved to the Botanical Gardens to the old school house and barn. For all brides following the blog, this is why we are a group of photographers. No two photographers are made alike. It's ok to prefer one photographer over another. Here's a sample of Kim's take on the Neff Engagements.

Password 'Neff Engage'

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