Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Inspiration: Sharon Montrose

When I find something I love, I usually become obsessed with it. Currently, I'm in the middle of a minimalist phase. I've been slowly planning out my 1 year-old's room, and I've started a new children's blog (still a work in progress).

All of these aspects of my life led me to discover the animal photography of Sharon Montrose.

I first discovered Sharon's work, little darlings, accidentally on Pinterest. I didn't know she was a photographer. I thought this was the work of an illustrator. After I found this photography profile, I became inspired and obsessed.

While out shooting Texas weddings, I come across images and landscapes that give me ideas for personal projects that I want to try. I call them "things I want to photograph before I die". Montrose's journey from weddings to animals gives me some direction on getting my ideas into print.

Photo by Laure Joliet for Cup of Jo

Baby Zebra, Little Darling
Here are some of my favorite prints. Most people think wedding photographers only get their inspiration from other weddings. This is a good example of pure portrait inspiration. Montrose photographs her subjects at face level with a white background. I that she frames from the chest up like a headshot composition. I also like that they are not in a natural environment but the studio. They look like a friend looking back at you. Genius!

American Buffalo

Baby Giraffe No.3 Horizontal

Cougar Close-Up
Donkey Ears

Cow No.2
Flamingo No. 1

Longhorn Steer Close-Up

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