Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Number 9's waiting on Number 5...Blanch V

If you've seen Number 9 at a wedding or event recently, you know that Charlotte is expecting her first child at the end of April. It's a boy and he will be the fifth generation Blanch (Antonio Blanch V). While she's on shooting hiatus until June, Jamie and Adrian have taken over Number 9 shoots. We will continue to fill the schedule and blog with new photos. Thanks to our trio of photogs...Number 9 continues on.

It's exciting to see other local folks (MarisMary and Camille) in the wedding/events industry starting families of their own. For inspiration, we've added baby and family photo boards to our Pinterest site. We will also add more creative family and maternity sessions in addition to our portrait, wedding and event photos on our website. On our Facebook page, we will spotlight our Number 9 brides who have ventured into motherhood. Thanks for following us. Stay tuned...

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