Saturday, January 14, 2012

Palm Door Wedding Reception: Gaby + Steve

With this post we are proud to officially welcome Jamie to the Number 9 family. Some of our brides may have met Jamie when she filled in for a few weddings last year. We loved her work so much that we decided to make her a permanent part of Number 9 when Kim decided to move on. After two plus years with Number 9, we would like to extend our thanks to Kimberly Massey and wish her well with her own wedding this summer.  Feel free to drop Kim of Jamie a line to say thanks  or show your support. 

With that news,'s one of Jamie's first weddings with Number 9.  

To introduce Gaby and Steve, I'll refer back to Gaby's sister's wedding toast. She said Gaby could not have found a better man to marry, and the fact that Steve is a kindergarten teacher, only made him more perfect for Gaby. These two were not only in love, but the genuinely enjoyed each other's company. Gaby met Steve in the church garden's for a  first look, and it was Steve who surprised his groomsmen with the  Luchador masks...definitely a wedding highlight!

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