Monday Morning Inspiration: Blurred Image Effect

Sunday, November 20, 2011

This past weekend, while second shooting for friend of mine, the topic of style and inspiration came up. We were describing our different styles to a new photog in the business. We both learned that we look completely outside our area for inspiration. And that it's all too easy to fall into a routine of shooting the dress, shoes, bouquet...the same way as our colleagues. I'm guilty of it without knowing it.

For today's inspiration, I wanted to share some pics from a recent Jose Villa blog post. His blurred treatment of detail and subject brought me back to one of my first inspiration pics by Swedish photographer, Linda Alfvegren. Her floral photo kept me on my toes when I first started. I need the creative push again. It's good to reset the brain sometimes.

Linda's pic...

some from Jose...

And of course, the ultimate blurred pic (in my opinion) Jerry Schatzberg's Blonde on Blonde cover...


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