Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chapel Dulcinea Commitment Ceremony: Danielle + Tiffany say 'I Do'

We were so happy when Dallas resident, Danielle, asked us to document her commitment ceremony to her favorite brunette, Tiffany. We could not say 'Yes' fast enough.

At the wedding, Danielle thanked Number 9 in her toast to family and friends. She and Tiffany were more than welcoming, and we received hugs and kisses from most of her family members. When we asked 'why so much love?', Danielle choked up when she told us they had been rejected by 2 other Austin wedding photographers who said they didn't agree with their union. Well, if that's the case, should we put all of our couple's love to the test before we agree to photograph them? Needless to say, when they found us, the third time was the charm. We couldn't feel more honored to share these photos with you.

The session was officiated by Kim Sessions with a reception at the Belmont.


  1. These are so, so gorgeous... and shame on those who wouldn't recognize the love between these two. Congrats to them, and lovely photos!

  2. Thank you, Natalie...I felt the same way. I couldn't believe these ladies were turned away from folks within my photo community. Lots of love, Danielle's mom said it was the happiest day of her life. Priceless!